Mobile Workflow – Part 3

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Where Am I?

I am currently enjoying a break with my family in the Canary Islands, we are on Tenerife. You may have spotted that in the Instagram feed.  I thought this was a perfect opportunity to put all my mobile workflow know how into practice. You can also read part 1 and part 2.  To give you a little background, here is my current kit:

  • Fuji X-T1
  • Fuji XF18-55 f2.8-f4 Lens
  • iPad Pro
  • iPhone 7+
  • Spare batteries and USB battery charger

Essentially that’s it. I’ve consciously chosen to travel as light as possible whilst giving myself a little more freedom than just using an X100 with a fixed 23mm lens. The X-T1 isn’t exactly large and the kit lens is flexible, smallish and very well regarded. From experience, Tenerife is generally very bright and sunny so ultra wide apertures aren’t so crucial.

The Harsh Reality

Whilst the villa we are staying in is lovely, the WiFi is dreadful. We appear to have some sort of 3G modem (there’s definitely a SIM in it) and occasional connections that hit 30+Mbits. Then we get periods (long periods) of absolutely nothing. Consequently I am mostly tethering my iPad to my iPhone – thank you EU for abolishing roaming charges across Europe.

On day two I noticed a large dust speck on the sensor. Well I can see it in the images not on the actual sensor itself. I fretted about this for a while, looked thoughtfully at the cotton buds/Q tips in my wife’s huge collection of toiletries and… Decided I would live with it, touch it up in the photos and get the sensor clean when I get home.

What Mobile Apps Am I Actually Using?

To start with, I was all over Cascable now I am back to using Fuji Camera Remote. There are a few reasons:

  • Cascable always seems to go into Remote Control Mode upon connecting to the camera.
  • Fuji Camera Remote stores all the pictures you choose to download in your native Camera Roll. Cascable like ShutterSnitch maintains it’s own library of pictures. I don’t need to keep my images in several different apps, I prefer to use the Camera Roll.
  • Fuji Camera Remote is definitely faster, selecting the pictures is much quicker.
  • When you exit Fuji Camera Remote the WiFi network is disabled on the camera and it goes to sleep. Cascable doesn’t do this, I got carried away looking at the images on my iPad that I had downloaded. Consequently my camera battery got drained away to nothingness serving up a WiFi network. I know it’s my fault but it could be more foolproof.

As for editing the images themselves, I am using a mixture of the native Photos app – it does the basics very well and it *is* what opens up when you hit that edit button. Snapseed of course and a little Lightroom and Photoshop Fix. I’ll get back to why I needed Photoshop Fix a little later.

Here is the original

Spot the difference?

Yup see that topless lady thankfully with her back to us?  She was walking up and down the beach with a mobile phone glued to her ear.  If I was a suspicious man, I might think she walked in front of us no fewer than three times, because I had a camera in my hand…

I have to say, I think Photoshop Fix did a pretty good job, I also tried Snapseed and that did equally as well.  Mobile apps doing content aware fill with ease.

What do you think, better with or without?Other than pictures of my adorable children what else did I take?  Well I spotted a guy heading out onto the concrete pier and picked my moment.  The whole thing was a silhouette anyway, so I made it black and white and cloned out the dust spot.

Is it just me or does he REALLY look like Gru from Despicable Me?

So far, so good, I am enjoying the constraint of just one lens – there’s a school of thought that says we do our very best creative work when under constraint.  Compare Star Wars Episode IV when there was no CGI with the later episodes 1,2 and 3 – Jar Jar Binks.  Enough said.

The single most useful item in my mobile kit is this, it’s genius:

[amazon_link asins=’B00M4QANB4|B072Y118FF’ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’fineartx-21|fineartx-20′ marketplace=’UK|US’ link_id=’b7ecadae-3048-11e8-99bd-9383c1597170′]

I tried a 2in1 reversible lighting/micro USB cable and it worked great until it melted inside the lightning port of my iPad.  Thankfully the iPad is OK but there is still a faint odour of melting plastic hanging around.  I’ll be sticking with no frills but reliable Amazon Basics gear from now on.


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