Hello and welcome, my name is Mike and I have been serious about photography since 2004 when I picked up my first DSLR.  The game changing Canon 300D (Digital Rebel).  Many tens of thousands of images later I am still here.

I was a Canon shooter for a quite a while, the original 5D was my first foray into full frame.  There was a lot of “the grass is always greener” back then.  I dabbled with Sigma and Foveon, I still have my SD9.  Sony was my weapon of choice for a while, I owned several of their DSLRs along with a host of legacy Minolta glass – Beercan anyone?  From Sony I moved on to shooting professionally with Nikon – I got through a lot of Nikon gear.  D7000, D7100, D700, D750, D800 and lots of expensive glass and flashes.

My first foray into mirrorless cameras came with the Olympus OM-D E-M5, way ahead of its time and still an excellent used bargain.  I had several m4/3 cameras and the first Olympus pro lenses.

The original X100 first turned me onto Fuji, it isn’t really like the later generations of X cameras.  A 12 megapixel Bayer sensor and the word FinePix in the EXIF data.  I loved that thing, it was slow, ate batteries, the autofocus was more miss than hit and the spectre of stuck aperture blades hung over it like the sword of damocles. But none of that mattered, the lens and the pictures that came from it were just gorgeous.

I’ve never looked back, Fuji X Trans cameras are, for me at least, just about as close to perfect as you can get today.

As I continue to travel down the road of Fuji X photography, this site is my attempt to share a little of what I have learned and learn even more from the wider Fuji community.  I hope you will enjoy the site.